Catching up :)

So, we finally got Molly spayed on the 7th, and the poor girl had one heck of a time recovering from anesthesia! I got her home from the vet and she immediately gave our carpet some special attention! I guess the car ride home just put her over the nauseous edge because not two seconds after I got through the door Molly Puked! And I am not talking about just a little bit...I am saying ALL over the carpet!...You just had to feel bad for the poor girl, but personally I was feeling pretty bad for me that day having to clean up this greenish/brown liquid! Anyways, the next day Molly was back to her usual self... Happy, running around like nothing had even happened the day before! Dogs recuperate so much quicker than humans do!

Today, I took Molly to the vet to get her stitches out. I think we let her run a little too much while she was healing because her incision looks horrible. Its all swollen and red and to be honest I am not 100% sure that it would not open back up if she really got to running full speed. I really did try my best to keep her from running but, me and Morgan are just not home all day every day! I am going to watch her like a hawk for the next couple of days and hope to God it heals a little better without the stitches in it.

This coming Sunday is me and Morgan's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! MAY 24, 2009!
We are going on a Cruise to Key West and Belize. Cozumel, Mexico was going to be one of our stops, but Royal Caribbean canceled because of the Swine flu fiasco! We are going with Morgan's whole family to celebrate Cadi's graduation from High School. It just so happens to fall on our anniversary. Can we say. . . Second Honeymoon!!! :) I am so excited! We are leaving for Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday and we board the ship Monday. 5 Days of Sun, Sea, and Fun! Be back on Saturday! I will write again before we leave :)

Mothers Day Conversation with MOM!

Mom: Thanks dear! Happy Mothers day to you too!
L: Huh? Mom, Im not a "mom" yet! lol
M: Well, You will be soon :)
L: Oh, Reeeaaallly? You know this... how?
M: Oh..!?!?! Ummm....I Mean, You have Molly and Lucy!...You are their MOM!
L: Ok, Mom...lets not get carried away with the "Grandparent" idea! :)
M: *Silent Pause*. . . Well I do have 2 wonderful Grand-doggies!
L: Yeeaaah, well they will have to do for now :) I will talk to you later, LOVE YOU Mom!
M: *Mom obviously smiling on the other end of the phone* Ok, Love you too, Bye! . . . ~CLICK~


Cinco De Mayo!!! a.k.a Morgan's B-Day!

Happy 23rd Birthday! Whoo- Hoo! We both had to work, :( but luckily though I was able to come home around 5pm instead of 7 because I was in a class all day rather than on the floor taking care of patients' :) Morgan's friends at work took him out to a late lunch at a Mexican place. Morgan could eat Mexican 3 times a day for life so I knew he would love eating there. On the other hand he did not like wearing the birthday sombrero! lol

I already knew I wanted to make Morgan a cake for his birthday, but I still had to hurry home and make it! I made him his favorite cake... Yellow cake with Chocolate icing! Then to add even more calories to the cake I put mini chocolate donuts all over it! MMmm!

I may not be able to cook well, but I sure can BAKE!

When Morgan got home he drooled over his cake until I was ready to go to dinner. We went to Jim and Nicks BBQ...Kind of random, but he had already eaten Mexican and we are on a budget! I was craving some BBQ so it was not a problem for me!

Earlier in the day I had invited my mom, dad and Morgan's family to come over and eat the wonderful cake I had made. Morgan said he had a great B-day even though this was the first birthday ever that he did not get to spend with his twin brother Gregg who was studying in Tuscaloosa for finals. {Geez, I am so glad I don't have to ever worry about studying for those again!}
What was left of the cake! :)
Morgan's commercial series grill he got for his Birthday!
And his super cool grill cover! lol Happy Birthday Morgan! I LOVE YOU!

Lucy-Lu's New hair-do!

Well since the weather has been getting hotter and a lot more humid we decided to trim Lucy's fur. We do this every year because her hair gets pretty long during the winter and she practically lives in water during the summer months! She knows its coming and I like to think she enjoys it..lol. I only think this because she doesn't try to run away :)
Anyways, here is her before picture!

And here is her after picture...Kind-of hard to tell much or any fur is gone, but she sure does hold her head a little higher!

And here is one of Molly, Yawning! haha

Work updates!

I'm a little bit late on this, but I just wanted everyone to know that Morgan took his FE {Fundamentals of Engineering} exam back in April. He took it once last year before he even graduated just to see how he would do. He did not pass the first time but he thinks he passed this time around. He had been studying for it after work EVERY day until about 10-11pm every night, then he would come home, eat dinner, go to bed and have to wake up at 5:30am the next morning to be at work again. So needless to say, we didn't not exactly get to spend a lot of time together :) So this time he took it he said that he felt a lot more prepared and feels like he passed! I'm sure he did fine, but prayers are still very much appreciated as we do not get the results until mid-JUNE! I thought I was about to have a heart attack having to wait 2 days for my NCLEX results and now, poor Morgan has to wait 2 months!
As for me, my job is going GREAT! I am shocked that I ever had doubts about working on the L&D floor! The people are so nice and they really do want to help you learn. My preceptor {the person teaching me everything she knows} is the same age as me and we actually graduated Prattville high school together! I have been trying to learn everything and anything I can and at the end of the day I cant feel my legs anymore from all the walking/running I do up and down the halls. Its a fast paced, high stress job, but I am sure I made the right career decision!

Fun in the SUN!

It has been so pretty here lately and HOT! On my days off I have been laying out on a blanket in the back yard {trying to get some sort of tan}. I have been finishing up reading "Are you There, Vodka? Its Me Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler. Its such a funny book and I definitely recommend reading it if you have some spare time. So after a few days of relaxation under the sun, Morgan and I decided to get the girls {Molly and Lucy} a pool and a fun sprinkler to play in while we are gone to work since the temperatures have been reaching the mid to upper 80's!
Molly and Lucy seeing the doggie pool for the first time!
The awesome sprinkler that we bought at WalMart for $10! Its just a hose with a bunch of little tubes coming off of it and they squirt every which way! The dogs love it and it does a great job of watering the lawn!
Morgan mowing the lawn!


Weekend in Atlanta!

Me and Morgan went with some of his family to Atlanta this weekend for a little mini vacation before I have to start work on Monday{Tomorrow}. In Atlanta we stayed at the "W Hotel" It was so nice and Very Modern! That was the first time I had ever even seen modern style. It was so neat! lol Anyways, on our first night there we ate at Legals Seafood. I ordered a steamed lobster and they brought me a WHOLE lobster...head and all! I had to ask the waiter how to eat it! haha The next day{Saturday}, we went to the Atlanta Aquarium. I was definitely a little kid with my jaw down to my chest in Awwwh! If you have never been, You need to go! Also inside the aquarium we went saw a 3-D show and walked through the Titanic exhibit which was really neat! After that we went to the Coca*Cola factory. That was a lot of fun to seeing how coke is made and bottled. At the end of the tour we got to try all kinds of different soft drinks from all over the world. My favorite was one from Thailand called Fanta-Apple-Kiwi! MMmm! I wish they made some of that here in the U.S. :) We had so much fun and I really cannot wait to go back one day. Atlanta is a lot of fun!
Our super modern room!

My Whole Lobster! It was SO good!..as soon as I got rid of the head! Ick..

At the Aquarium

Coca-Cola Factory! So much fun!